About Us

Padelae is a world class Padel club established in the United Arab Emirates operated by PADEL LAND SPORTS AND AMUSEMENT TRACKS LLC company under the Wheel of Fate Group.

Padelae was established in 2021, located in western Dubai at Al Quoz. With the support of the majority of padel tennis players, it actively carries out the Padelae club. Padelae is the largest indoor padel tennis club known in Dubai at the moment, with 4 branches in UAE, massive changing rooms, private & Valet parking, cafe, professional padel shops, experienced coaches, easy access, dedicated ladies padel club and 365 days operation. We welcome professional training team, personal players both and for all ages.

We are committed to popularizing and development of padel tennis in Dubai, promoting padel tennis culture with the goal of building a world-class padel tennis club.


Padel is a very social sport. It is always played in doubles format, unlike tennis where the main focus is on the singles matches. It is also very easy to learn compared to tennis, so you don't even need lessons to start playing with your friends. This is especially true if you have played other racket sports in the past. Here you can find open match which mean that everyone plays against everyone, changing partners for every match. As you can imagine you can get to know a lot of people during such tournaments. This is the perfect place for expats to make new friends especially if you want to make some local friends.

The sport is essentially a combination of tennis and squash and is great for players of all ages and skills. The court is one-third the size of a tennis court and is enclosed with wire mesh and glass walls which you can play off when you need to. Rules are a mixture of squash and tennis and use the same scoring system as tennis. Compared to tennis it is less focused on strength and more on tactics and psychology.

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